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Beginning June 2014 the club will no longer be producing a newsletter. This decision was made after realizing it was mostly redundant to the information found here on the Shasta Trinity Fly Fishers website, the email reminders sent out by Jerry Marks, and the STFF Facebook page. To be added to the email reminder list contact Jerry Marks.

Past issues of the newsletter are still available in electronic form on the newsletter page of this website. The new format replacing the newsletter will provide information in the form of a monthly column (located on this home page) which includes announcements on all of the club’s activities. You’ll be able to obtain additional information on each activity by using the links incorporated into the text below.

Dick Recchia, President

The President's Line...

Dick Recchia, President

With summer now in full swing, many of our members are out and about and hopefully enjoying great fishing. Recognizing those busy summer schedules, we have scheduled a limited number of programs and activities that we hope will appeal to our members during the month of July. On Thursday, July 2nd how about joining the monthly Intermediate Fly Tying Class starting at 6PM at the STFF Clubhouse? This month’s fly pattern will be the Poxyback Callibaetis great fly for most of the trout fishing throughout the tri-county area. Contact Jim Gunderson if you plan to attend.


If you want to watch a bunch of happy youngsters catch some really big trout, then volunteer to help at the Kids Fishing Day on Saturday, July 4th at the Mt. Shasta Hatchery. It’s a great event for the kids…but it’s equally enjoyable watching the parent’s reaction as the youngsters hook…fight…and land trout that range from 2 to 8 lbs.


The July 9th Monthly Meeting will feature a presentation by, Trent Pridemore on “Top Water Column Bass Fishing”. Trent has taught classes on fly tying, fly casting, and angler’s entomology. He has received rave reviews for this presentation from many Fly Fishing Clubs in California, and comes to STFF with very high recommendations!


If you are interested in a little fellowship…as well as swapping some fishing stories… then plan to attend the STFF Breakfast Meeting [no host] on Thursdays, July 10th and 24th at Country Kitchen Restaurant on Hilltop Road. Amazingly during these breakfasts, some of the fish that were landed by some the attendees continue to grow in size!


There are no Fishouts scheduled for July, but I’m pleased to announce that our fishout activities are being coordinated by a new committee comprised of: Jess Hoopes (Chairman), Jerry Marks (senior advisor/consultant), and Bill Lenheim (assistant to the senior advisor/consultant). Look for more details on the fishout schedule in STFF’s future email announcements.


If you are new to fly fishing, or if you feel you’d benefit from a detailed refresher course, then plan to attend the Beginners Fly Fishing Class on Saturday, July 12th at the STFF clubhouse starting at 8AM. Gerry Martin will be leading this class and he promises that when leave, you’ll have received a wealth of knowledge covering all aspects of our sport. And guess what? - IT'S FREE!


We are very fortunate that the club has received several donations of fly fishing and fly tying material. These donation were actually received from supporters who are not members of our club….but wanted us to use their material to raise money for our new clubhouse project. Therefore, we have planned a Fly Tying and Fly Fishing Materials “Pic and Pay” open house at the STFF Classroom at the folowing dates and times. There will be a lot of fly tying material, hand-tied trout and bass flies, reels, lines, and more.

How does “Pic and Pay “work? It’s really simple! All the material will be on display in the clubhouse at the times indicated above. Just stop by and 'pic' the items you want. Then decide the amount want you want to donate and 'pay' for the materials you select. You’ll not only be getting some great bargains, but you’ll be helping raise funds for the new clubhouse.


Speaking of raising funds for the new clubhouse, don’t forget STFF’s “Special Offer” for a Scadden inflatable two man pontoon boat! This is an inflatable two man pontoon boat with comfort seating and a metal frame with stand-up casting platform and safety bar.

The “package” we are offering includes the trailer (with spare tire), two sets of oars, a heavy duty anchor system, a detachable rolling wheel system to easily move the boat and several canvas equipment packs which are mounted on the boat.

A new basic Scadden model sells for $3200 without all the “extras”. This unit was only used a few times…and it's like new! So, this is a great deal offered at $2750…. or the best/reasonable offer. You can view photos of this boat on the STFF Facebook or Contact: Dick Recchia 356-0547 for more details.


The planning for the STFF 2015 annual fundraiser at Win River is already under way. However, based upon the recommendation of Jim Jensen (our past banquet chairman), we have decided to utilize the services of a professional event planner: Marlene Woodward the owner of “A Planned Affair”. Marlene will be working with a committee of STFF volunteers comprised of: Janet Sloat, Jim Jensen, Tom Taylor, Phil Ryan, and Jan Hale.

Based upon the preliminary discussions, our members can expect a totally different “look” to the fundraiser in 2015…offering fly fishing skill challenges, new auction and raffle formats, more fishing trips, and much, much more.

As you can see, there’s lot’s going on with STFF in July! I hope some of these events peak your interest.


Tight lines and good fishing!

Dick Recchia, President


PS: It takes a club to build a clubhouse. The Clubhouse Building Fund Drive is still underway, if you haven’t donated yet this would be a great time to contribute!


Monthly Meeting Information

July 9, 2014 6:30 PM.

Trent Pridemore - Top Water Column Bass Fishing


Details Here